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COVID-19 Prayer and Other Resources

"In times of crisis and adversity, peace is a precious commodity, and no peace is more precious than the peace God gives us through His Son. In fact, when fear and uncertainty abound, as God’s people we ought to be a reservoir of His peace, a sanctuary where our family, friends, and others may turn for prayer, assurance, and encouragement. Manifesting God’s Peace In Times Of Crisis - by Pastor D Robinson (TBN)

Prayer Resources

"As we embark on the journey of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa that none of us ever expected in our lifetime, there are several aspects of everyday life in need of continuous prayer. Apart from the economic challenge this time poses to us all, there are also very practical issues to consider in prayer. Not all families live in harmony and not all display uplifting character in their homes. Many will be extremely vulnerable to abuse, shortage and much more. Also, not all citizens will willingly adhere to the lockdown requirements and so put others at risk. So how and what can we pray?"
What to Pray During the 21 Day Lockdown (from Jericho Walls)

Setting Up an Family Altar
"The concept of a “family altar” can also be called family devotions. This is the time where the whole family can come together to read from the Word, discuss the portion they have read, spend some time in prayer and practically live it daily. The benefit of family devotions is not only gaining knowledge, but also relating to God together as a family."
► Setting Up an Family Altar (from Jericho Walls International Prayer Network)

"7 Days on the Wall" Lockdown 24-7 Prayer
with the theme FOLLOW ME….
Prayer with Jesus through: 
Week 1: The last seven days before He was crucified.
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer: 30 March - 5 April 
Week 2: The last words of Jesus on the cross. 
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer: 6 -12 April
Week 3
The finished work of Jesus on the cross. 
 Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 13-19 April 
Week 4:  The seven appearances of Jesus after His resurrection.
 Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 20 - 26 April 
 Week 5: 
Preparing for Revival
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 27 April -3 May
 Week 6: Preparing for Revival
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 4 - 10 May
► Week 7: Preparing for Revival
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 11 - 17 May
Week 8: Preparing for Revival
Lockdown 24-7 Prayer for South Africa 18 - 24 May

(Compiled by Jericho Walls International Prayer Network)

Prayer Points for Focussed Prayer and Fasting 
(from IFSA Prayer Network in South Africa)
   14 Day Prayer Strategy for SA from IFSA 
Pray one of the seven prayer points daily during mealtime with your family or friends (Repeat for 14 days). Involve the children and youth as much as possible. Read the scriptures for every point out loud and pray with faith that our God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, listens to prayer that is prayed by faith in His promises and His directions, as it is contained in the Bible.

A Prayer of Deliverance
A Prayer for Deliverance from the Coronavirus by Pete Greig & 24-7 Prayer
 A Prayer for Deliverance from the Coronavirus by Pete Greig & 24-7 Prayer (Printable Version)
"Jehovah Shalom, Lord of Peace, we remember those living in coronavirus hotspots and those currently in isolation. May they know your presence in their isolation, your peace in their turmoil and your patience in their waiting. Prince of Peace, you are powerful and merciful; let this be their prayer" 

 60 Minute Prayer Guide by Pete Greig & 24-7 Prayer
"There are many of people who will be indirectly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Ask God to comfort those grieving the loss of loved ones, to provide for those in financial difficulty because they are unable to work, and for business leaders as they face such unprecedented disruption to life." 

(COVID-19 Tracker: John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre)

Discovery Bible Study Resources
 ► Hope During the Coronavirus Pandemic
What does the Bible say about why these things happen, what is God’s response to it, and what is my hope in life and death?

► Fear and Love in the Time of Coronavirus
The purpose of this specific passage list is to address felt needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing specifically on overcoming fear/anxiety and spurring us on to love

What's Happening to the Church? - Where is it going?
Global Transmission - Global Mission: The Impact and Implications of the Covid-19 Epidemic by Jason Mandryk
" And so, I cautiously submit a numbered list of observations about the impact that Coronavirus may have on the future of church and mission. I am certain that further research and editing, and more sophisticated typesetting, would improve the end result. I am convinced that two days from now, I’m going to slap myself as I say, “How could I have overlooked that?!” But, better an imperfect but completed effort than an ideal but unfinished one." - Jason Mandryk

Other Resources
► For those interested in the Science: COVID-19 Epidemiology: Scholarly Articles (Compiled by us)
 Science Made Simple (Heartlines Poster)
South African Government Resource Portal 
SA Council of Churches Resource Portal
 Resources for Small Businesses