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Prayer Evangelism 

Are you hungry for change and for a fresh way of reaching out to those in need? Prayer evangelism will open doors for you to minister to those in need like never before. Why don't you adopt a transformation lifestyle by adopting prayer evangelism as a way of life? It will not only change those around you, it will also change you! 

A Bit of Background
Way back in 1988, Ed Silvoso and Harvest Evangelism began partnering with pastors and ministry leaders in the northern Argentine city of Resistencia to bring the kingdom of God to the city. At the time, there were only 5,143 believers attending church in the 70 congregations out of a population of 400,000. The city was known as a "spiritual cemetery." The process of reaching the city began with deep repentance with the Body of Christ as pastors and leaders dealt with long roots of division among themselves that had badly scarred the history of the Gospel in the city. This eventually led to them dealing with apathy and indifference, both toward each other and as a result toward their city. A while later in 1990, a mighty movement of intercession was initiated with the objective to "fill up the city" with the knowledge of the Lord Jesus by means of prayer for every inhabitant. "Lighthouses of Prayer" ("Casas Luz de Oración") sprang up all around the city where believers began praying for their neighbours - at home, in the schools, and in the workplaces. Pastors began choosing professionals and political leaders as their "neighbours" to pray for them. This action basically birthed what later become known as Prayer Evangelism.
What is Prayer Evangelism?
Prayer Evangelism is talking to God about your neighbours before you talk to your neighbours about God. It is the implementation of 1 Timothy 2:1-8 where we are exhorted to pray for everyone in a region because God wishes all men to be saved; because Jesus Christ gave Himself in ransom for all; and because God wants us to pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands without wrath and dissension" 

How to do it:
Prayer evangelism is not a program, but a process that reflects a lifestyle in which you, and the Church in your city is mobilized through prayer to become the spiritual caretaker of a city. Prayer Evangelism is an effective way of reaching, and blessing friends, neighbours and workmates with the love and presence of Jesus Christ through a lifestyle of blessing, praying and sharing. It is based on the Biblical principles we found in Luke 10 when Jesus sent out the 70. The results of that were outstanding, as we can see by their report back. 

Try this at home:
Prayer Evangelism is the application of the model for evangelism that Jesus gave to the 70 in Luke chapter 10, where He told them, "The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few…Go!" …and do four things to lost people:
  1. 1. Bless them - Speak peace to them. (v.5)

  2. 2. Fellowship with them - Build relationships with them. (v.7)

  3. 3. Minister and pray with them - Respond to their felt needs. (v.9a)

  4. 4. Share the gospel with them and proclaim that the kingdom of God has come near to them through Jesus Christ. (v.9b)

"Prayer Evangelism is reaching every person and bringing every household in touch with the power and love of God through prayer. It is the whole church reaching the whole city with the whole gospel."  - Ed Silvoso

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Resources in Afrikaans/Afrikaanse Hulpmiddels
Hierdie is 'n uitdeelstuk in die vorm van 'n boekmerk wat gebruik kan word om persone op 'n eenvoudige manier die beginsels van gebedsevangelisasie (prayer evangelism) te leer.
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