Go and Proclaim Ministries South Africa
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Consider Giving?

GAP Ministries or Go and Proclaim Ministries are registered as a Trust in terms of Section 6(1) of the Trust Property Control Act (Act 57 of 1988). All money received is administered through our ministry account: Go and Proclaim Trust. We are committed to excellence in stewardship. Contact us for more information about the Go and Proclaim Trust.
The activities of the Trust are supported by individuals and churches that identify with the aim and activities of the Go and Proclaim Trust. There are various ways of contributing towards this cause:

* Giving by Debit Order
Debit Order Form (Afrikaans Form)

* Giving Through Paypal
Donate to GAP Ministries Through Paypal

* Donations via an EFT payment

If you would like to make a donation to our ministry using an EFT payment, please use our banking details:

Bank: ABSA 
Branch: 632005

Account Name: Go and Proclaim Trust
Account Number: 4056657942