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Local Transformation Initiatives
Community Development

Community Development refers to a sustainable, well-designed, and structured process aimed at improving conditions in a specific community by means of a facilitator or change agent that facilitates a process. This is usually a person that is trained and equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform this task. We, therefore, would like to see Community Development as a structured approach that distinguishes itself from similar but less structured processes. The involvement of the community during all the stages is a key factor in the process.

Community Development Workbook
The workbook is our effort at designing a tool to help churches and organizations to bring about positive change in their communities. It can help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls in the process. This manual was compiled as a guide that can be used as a stand-alone tool although some input from a person experienced in community development will be helpful. It is not an academic workbook although the information was sourced from the academic literature on the topic, and supplemented by personal experience. Each module has handouts and practical exercises.

Workbook Contents

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The Local Church and Community Development
Many factors influence and determine a particular churches' involvement in community work. These include the churches':
It is, therefore, no surprise that many churches face a serious challenge in deciding if, and where to engage their communities. Getting this step right has launched many churches on an exciting journey. The church is seen in society as one of many community structures that together with many others, play a significant role in community transformation. It is therefore often criticized when it is not involved in any form of community work, upliftment, or development.

Action Steps for Churches
Here are a few action steps that can help a church to initiate its own community development project.