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What is TEN?
"Teach Every Nation (TEN) meets the educational needs of untrained pastors and church leaders in the Global South so that they are equipped to disciple and strengthen the surging Christian population in their regions. Many are unable to access formal theological education because of limited finances, lack of transportation, and time constraints. TEN’s curriculum is based on our students’ expressed needs for specific skills and subject matter expertise. Training delivery methods keep students and pastors resident in their community." - TEN

The following courses were realeased in 2018 as part of BOSW#1:

Core Courses
► Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator – Bruce Wilkinson
► Survey of The Bible - Bruce Wilkinson
► How to Forgive Other People and Yourself – Bruce Wilkinson
► How to Double Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity - Bruce Wilkinson
► What on Earth is God Doing in my Life? – Bruce Wilkinson

Elective Courses
♦ Become a Transformed Woman – Darlene Wilkinson
♦ Discover Yourself and Others – Martin Deacon
♦ Equipping Leaders – Tom Mullins
♦ Foundations of Youth Ministry – Cassie Carstens 
♦ Royal Lessons of Leadership  

The following courses were realeased in 2019 as part of BSOW#2:

ore Courses
► You were Born for This! - Bruce Wilkinson
► How to Multiply Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity - Bruce Wilkinson
► The 5 Stages of Consecration - Bruce Wilkinson
► The Vision of the Leader - Bruce Wilkinson
► Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator:  Anyone.  Anywhere.  Anytime - Bruce Wilkinson


Elective Courses
♦ Dynamic Church Planting - Paul Becker and France Kamau
♦ Women Who Make a Difference - Darlene Wilkinson
♦ The Basics of Leadership - Maurice Radebe
♦ The Gold Nuggets for Communicating the Gospel to Muslims - Fred Nell
♦ How to Double Your Church – 8 African Pastors

 BSOW#3 coming in 2021

GAP Ministries is a TEN Official Bible School Training Centre.
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