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Bible School on Wheels Courses and Workbooks Availability (June 2020)

BSOW#1 2018

Core Courses
► Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator – Bruce Wilkinson 
Survey of The Bible - Bruce Wilkinson (7)
► How to Forgive Other People and Yourself – Bruce Wilkinson
How to Double Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity - Bruce Wilkinson (3)
What on Earth is God Doing in my Life? – Bruce Wilkinson (10)

Elective Courses
♦ Become a Transformed Woman – Darlene Wilkinson
♦ Discover Yourself and Others – Martin Deacon
♦ Equipping Leaders – Tom Mullins
Foundations of Youth Ministry – Cassie Carstens (4)
♦ Royal Lessons of Leadership  

BSOW#2 2019

Core Courses
► You were Born for This! - Bruce Wilkinson
► How to Multiply Your Church, Business and Personal Productivity - Bruce Wilkinson
The 5 Stages of Consecration - Bruce Wilkinson (On Order June 2020)
The Vision of the Leader - Bruce Wilkinson (4)
► Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator:  Anyone.  Anywhere.  Anytime - Bruce Wilkinson
Elective Courses
♦ Dynamic Church Planting - Paul Becker and France Kamau
♦ Women Who Make a Difference - Darlene Wilkinson
♦ The Basics of Leadership - Maurice Radebe
The Gold Nuggets for Communicating the Gospel to Muslims - Fred Nell (On Order July 2020)
♦ How to Double Your Church – 8 African Pastors

Other Courses
Biblical Portrait of A Marriage - Bruce Wilkinson (7)

GAP Ministries is a TEN Official Bible School Training Centre