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Bible Studies 

Welcome to these Bible studies by GAP Ministries. Enjoy them! 
These Bible studies can be completed individually, or you may wish to invite some friends or family members to do it with you.

Paul's “PowerPoint” at the Areopagus
A Bible Study about Apostle Paul’s Proclamation at the Areopagus in Athens - Acts 17: 24 - 31.

Topic: The focus of this Bible study is Apostle Paul’s proclamation in the Areopagus in Athens.
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I. Samson’s Miraculous Birth
A Bible Study about the birth of Samson - Judges 13
Topic: The focus of this Bible study is the circumstances surrounding the miraculous birth of Samson. 
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II. Samson's Riddle  
A Bible study about Samson's Philistine wife - Judges 14 
Topic: The focus of this Bible Study is Samson's marriage to his first Philistine wife and the resulting catastrophe.
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III. Samsons Revenge
A Bible Study about Samsons Revenge on the Philistines - Judges 15
Topic: The focus of this Bible Study is Samson's defeat of the Philistines after he was betrayed by the men of Judah. 
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IV. Samson's Death
A Bible Study about Samson's death. - Judges 16
Topic: The focus of this Bible Study is the secret that revealed the source of Samson's strength, and how it resulted in his imprisonment and death.

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V. Conclusion, Reflection, and Thoughts
Lessons from the life of Samson and truths from the heart of God.
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 The Birth of Jesus
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Conclusion, Reflections, and Thoughts 
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The Yearning of the Korahites (Psalm 42)
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 The Life of Habakkuk
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