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What’s your Story? is an initiative of Heartlines to build greater understanding, cohesion, trust, and reconciliation in our nation through the sharing of stories. Personal storytelling provides a non-threatening foundation from which we can have authentic conversations that help us understand one another better.

What’s Your Story? equips individuals, groups, and organizations with skills and opportunities to grow in story-sharing and cultivate connections in their communities.

What’s Your Story? has four foundational pillars:

1. The "Beyond the River" Movie (Start here!)
Inspired by true events, this is the nail-biting story of two men from different backgrounds whose quest to win gold in the Duzie Canoe Marathon brings them together under unique circumstances. Regarded by some critics as “the most spectacular South African cinema experience of our time!” Beyond the River is the film to kickstart What’s your Story?


Watch the trailer here
Order the movie here



2. Bucket loads of resources to help you and others to share your and their stories.
3. An online platform for featuring personal stories
Read, listen to and watch the stories of ordinary people making an extraordinary impact on our nation. Visit the story page here. Create your own story and share it with others.
4. Bridge Leadership Engagements (For Leaders)
The Bridge leadership engagement is a two-day, off-site event that uses personal storytelling and dialogue as tools to build bridges between key leaders of an organization. Once these leaders have gotten to know each other’s stories, they can work together to solve critical issues within their organization network and sphere of influence. The Bridge Leadership Engagement has been successfully presented to local Church Leaders Networks. This event is hosted by experienced Heartlines facilitators.


Story-sharing and Grief
Using story-sharing to address grief and stress

These are 6 easy story-sharing methods listed on page 8 of the booklet "Ask, Listen, Tell".
- The River of Life
- Tree of Life (Roots and Fruits)
- Photographs and Objects
- Prompts
- Fork in the Road
- Story-sharing through questions
Download the booklet here

For more information contact Heartlines at info@heartlines.org.za or GAP Ministries at outreach@global.co.za