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What is Evangelism?

There are many ways of defining evangelism. Some of these definitions are very restrictive and put the emphasis on the conversion of a person to to Christ while others are more expansive. We favor the definition of Dr. David Bosh: 

"In awareness of the essential preliminary nature of evangelistic ministry, yet at the same time conscious of the inescapable necessity to be involved in this ministry, we may, then, summarize evangelism as that dimension and activity of the church's mission which, by word and deed and in the light of particular conditions and in particular context, offers every person and community, everywhere, a valid opportunity to be directly challenged to a radical reorientation which involves such things as: 
►delivery from slavery to the world and its powers;
►embracing Christ as Saviour and Lord;
►becoming a living member of the community, the church;
►being enlisted into his service of reconciliation, peace and justice on earth;
►and being committed to God's purpose of placing all things under the rule of Christ."
- David J. Bosch in Transforming Mission Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Missions. 

According to this description evangelism entails much more than sharing the gospel, and giving someone an opportunity to respond to it. It challenges one not only to rethink ones relationship with Christ but also he how he or she respond to being a Christian on a daily basis as part of a life long journey. It will always challenge a person to reorientate him- or herself. 

On this website you will find many tools and resources that will help you to a reorientation towards a more radical Christian lifestyle. If you need help please complete our contact form here.