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The Jesus Film 

What is the Jesus Film? The Jesus Film is the real life story of Jesus Christ told through a film. This is commonly known as the Jesus Film. The film have been translated onto more than 1800 languages and have been viewed by billions of people. Half a billion people has made a personal decision to follow Jesus through viewing the film.

The Jesus Film Project is the ministry through which the film is distributed. It involves nevertheless much much more than just the film. It involves various other online resources but also resources that can be ordered from both the international and local websites. The purpose of this page is to provide a link to some of the available resources and opportunities of the Jesus Film Project.  

Links to watching the film online in web format
Links to watching the film online in the 10 South African languages:
The Jesus Film Project South Africa
Links to watching the film in nearly 1800 international languages:
The Jesus Film Project International

Watching the film online in mobile format.
The Jesus Film and many of the other resources are available in both the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.

On Youtube
The film is available on YouTube on various different channels. Look for the Jesus Film Project channel. 

Jesus Film Segment Audio WhatsApp Ministry
There are different ways of doing it. Watch sections of the film via whatsApp from this pdf document. It will also work on other social media platforms as well as browsers using this pdf document. This pdf document has all the links to segments of the film and it comes with discussuion questions. Forward the pdf to any person on whatsApp. Click on the links and view. From there it can also be downloaded, provided that one have enough phone memory and data to do so. Downloadable MP3 sound files are alo available in all the languages. 

Taking it one step further one can also translate the discussion questions basically into any foreign language.
 This easy technique will enable anybody to create Jesus Film Audio Segments with Descriptions and Questions in their own language for their own area. It is a very cost-effective way to share Jesus Film Audio content via WhatsApp in areas where people have limited data. By including the Descriptions and Questions, people can listen to both and reflect deeper. People that cannot read can now partake in an Audio Group Session. Start a WhatsApp Group, send a Jesus Film Audio every other day and they can reply with their answers in the group via Text or Voice Message. People can Download and Save the Audio File as well as Forward-Share or Bluetooth it. View the pdf guidelines here to set it up.


Jesus Film Outreach Kwanobuhle Township