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Nelson Mandela Bay Christian Transformation Network (TCN)

Nelson Mandela Bay Transformation Christian Network, TCN in short, is a network of church, ministry, and marketplace leaders working towards the transformation of Nelson Mandela Bay. TCN invites leaders from all areas of Nelson Mandela Bay including Port Elizabeth, Despatch, and Uitenhage to join the network through their local fraternals and forums. 

The vision of TCN is to link leaders to work in unity for the Transformation of NM Bay.

The mission of TCN is to: Reform the sectors of NM Bay of the church, business, education, government, media & communication, family, sport, and arts & entertainment.

The Prayer Focus is to: Move in authority and establish God’s rule we need to understand the spiritual warfare involved in each sector in NM Bay. To move in obedience to God and in the power of God’s spirit, in the opposite spirit of the usurping spirit.

The Worklife Focus is to: Encourage church leaders to equip and care for those called to the workplace where they are to be salt and light.

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2023 Updates 
September 2023
July 2023

Municipal Ward Service Delivery Teams (Updated 2022)
Background to church-led “ward service delivery” Teams.
Formation of Church-led “ward service delivery” teams

"Against Hunger" Response (Updated 2021)
Nelson Mandela Bay Churches in Wards 

* Nelson Mandela Bay Informal Settlements List
List of feeding schemes & contact details of current feeding schemes supported by Food Forward SA.
* Manual 1 Coordinated Action Against Hunger
* Manual 2 Coordinated Action Against Hunger

For more info on the fight against hunger go here

Prayer Info (Updated 2020)
The South Africa We Pray4 Background Document
Read the Prayer Guidelines Online

GAP Ministries actively supports Transformation Christian Network to bring about spiritual and community transformation to the Metropole. We believe that community transformation is achievable through the combined efforts of churches, ministries and, community organizations, and we work towards this goal.