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My Daily Prayer Map

How to use this Prayer Map
This Prayer Map is a helpful tool that can make it easier for you to pray for other people and things around you. Start by using it during your quiet time. It is especially helpful for young people, but anyone can use it.
Guide to the map
On the left is a list of prayer topics. These topics represent people and situations which are part of our daily life. The rest of the map consists of the following elements, a starting point which is a cross, a winding forest trail, blank circles, the "Hand of Blessing", various social media icons, and the end of the trail.  
How to use this map
Start at the cross by spending a few minutes quietly in God's presence. Use this time to tell Jesus how wonderful he is, how grateful you are for what He has done for you, and confess all those things which you might think, say, do or see that do not glorify Jesus in your life. 
Next, complete the empty circles by writing those topics listed on the left into the circles. You can choose as many as you wish, but it does not need to be all of them. You may add others that are not listed here.
You are ready now to begin your prayer journey. Follow the trail to your first stop or circle. Spend some time in order to pray for this topic. If it is for a person or persons, use the "hand of blessing" as a guideline as follows: -
B - Body. Pray for the person's health. 
L - Labour. Pray for the person's work, or for him or her to find work, their responsibilities, and finances.
E - Emotions. Pray for the person's emotions to be healed, healthy and positive.
S- Social. Pray for the person's social relationships to be restored.
S- Spiritual. Pray for the person's relationship with Jesus to grow or for his or her salvation.
During a prayer journey, one's thoughts often start wandering. This is normal, and sometimes we get distracted by all those social media apps on our phones. You will also see them on this map. Take some time to refocus your thoughts on the prayer topics ahead of you. Or just be quiet for a while by spending time on one of those benches on the trail. Once you are ready, continue your prayer journey. At the last stop on your prayer journey ask Jesus to show you a person or persons with whom you can fellowship, pray for and maybe share, the good news of Jesus Christ with them. You can complete the trial all at once, over a few days, or even over a longer period of time.
What did Jesus teach us about prayer?
Jesus spent much time in prayer. In contrast, his teachings on prayer were short and to the point. The following are a few of the principles which He taught His followers.

Download the prayer map here as a PDF document

For more information about this prayer map please send an e-mail to outreach@global.co.za