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Fathers Matter 

Fathers Matter is a new campaign of Heartlines, the Centre for Values Promotion, that uses the power of stories to support the positive and active role of fathers or men in the lives of children.

The Fathers Matter initiative celebrates and supports active, present, and positive fatherhood. Connect groups are an excellent resource to achieve the goals of positive fatherhood. 

Fathers Matter Promo Video Clip

What is a Connect Group?

A Fathers Matter Connect Group is a group of men who meet on a regular basis to talk, share and support each other. 

How to start a Connect Group?

Start here. Access the course material on the Heartlines website. To use the online courses, one needs to sign up here for freeOtherwise, one can download the pdf versions of the resources and run the groups wherever there is a need. The videos in the modules are available on the Heartlines YouTube pageStep 2: Read through the Facilitator's Toolkit in preparation for starting a group. Step 3: Get together a group of between six to eight men who are willing to go through this process with you. Step 4: Depending on who is in your group, start with either the Christian core module or the more general core module. Step 5: When you've finished the core module, your group can decide together if you would like to continue meeting and choose which module to do next. Modules 2 and 3 will be available in due course.

Connect Group Resources
Facilitators Toolkit
Christian Core Module 1
Lesson 1 Why fathers Matter (See Video Clip)
Lesson 2 Understanding our own father stories (Part 1) (See Video Clip)
Lesson 3 Understanding our own father stories (Part 2)  (No Video Clip)
Lesson 4 What is a father? (See Video Clip)
Lesson 5 The father I want to be (See Video Clip)