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Faith Movement Pentecostal Church Malawi
Faith Movement Pentecostal Church is an indigenous Mission Organization registered in Malawi.This page has been created to help them to get the word out about their work. GAP Ministries, the owner of this website, are not involved with the work of Faith Movement Pentecostal Church but are supportive of it, and would like to see that others support it too. 

Kande Bay Informal Market

Building Projects 2017

MY HEART INTERCESSION PRAYERS to GOD is that You and ME should hold hands in FASTING PRAYER and work together to help POORLY LOCAL CHILDREN and ORPHANS CHILDREN of my Community/Society who are very Bright Intelligent clever but they can't go to School because they don't have Resources.
BREAKFAST & FOOD;    My Vision and Prayer is that Everyday morning from 10:00 am to 10:30 am  I will be providing Breakfast Tea or Porridge and from 12 noon to 12:30 pm MEAL to every child, day Feeding program,  Same as OM are doing at NTAJA BASE at MACHINGA DISTRICT.
MISSIONS STATEMENT;  is to Transform Communities by Providing good quality Education to the Society for the glory of God.
HEAD & CLASS TEACHERS;    My Vision plan is to employee good quality God Fearing Christian Workers, reborn Christian filled with holy spirit and well Trained Class Teachers, who will be  seriously committed to hard working to provide good quality Education, Sports,  Social and Religion to Transform Children in my Society and for Job Creation for the glory of God.
SUBSIDIZED SCHOOL FEES;    My Vision plan is that after all School Blocks are successfully completed then I will ask parents or Relatives to pay a Subsidised Fees for each Local poorly CHILD, but ORPHANS CHILDREN will be on Scholarship and FEES MONEY will be used to pay well Trained qualified TEACHERS.
BUILDING PHASE by PHASE;    Through Fasting Prayers and great commitment and hard working I believe that I will manage to Build Phase by Phase until the whole Project will be successfully completed although I don't know how long time it will take to be Finished and how much money it will cost, but I will be sending you to update feedback reports on how the project development will be progressing.
8-Eighth Small Block with 3 Rooms for Male Toilets.
7-Seventh Small Block with 3 Rooms for Female Toilets
6-Sixth Block will have 2 Rooms, School Hall, and headteacher's Office  
5-Fifth Block will have 2 Class Rooms for grade 7 and 8;
4-Fourth Block will have 2 Class Rooms for grade 5 and 6;
3-Third Block will have 2 Class Rooms for grade 3 and 4;
2-Second Block will have 2 Class Rooms for grade 1 and 2;
1-First Block will be for Nursery small little kids; 
My Vision plan is to Build 8 Medium School Blocks: 
God spoke and Confirmed to me that I must first start Building NICE DECENT COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN PRIMARY SCHOOL to Transform my Community/ Society by Educating Children both Orphans and Local Poor Children for literacy alleviation.
Am glad to inform you that last week I had a 24hrs total dry prayer Fasting without Water and Food, during this Prayer Fasting, I seriously prayed and asked God to confirm about ORPHANAGE BUILDING PROJECT.

Building Projects 2015/2016
Micro Business Ventures

With God all things are possible! 
Contact Pastor Simon Chirwa  -  cell:   +265 888 57 81 36
You can visit their website here for more info 


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