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Decade of Evangelism and Discipleship (2018-2027)
Summary of 22 August 2018 Launch
"We agreed South Africa is in a perilous state morally, spiritually, socially, politically, and even economically. A moment is upon us when the church needs to stand up, be more visible and become more audible and launch some significant initiative to bless and save our land.  The urgency of the hour was sensed and stressed by everyone.  And there is a cry from believers throughout the land for something like this." 

Read the full summary here
Decade of Evangelism and Discipleship Infographic
Stratified Evangelism - A suggested strategy for a Decade of Re-Evangelising and Discipling the South African Nation by Michael Cassidy

GAP Ministries support the Decade of Evangelism and Discipleship but would like to propose the following strategy in addition:
- For everyone that is part of this working committee to network individuals, churches and organizations in their immediate communities who have a heart for reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. And to do so using a some kind of a grid or manageable geographic framework.
- To compile a database of who is doing what and to identify skills, resources and needs and to make it available to all role players. The South African Christian Directory can be of great help here.
- To assess how this working group could assist these role players to achieve the goals of the Decade of Evangelism and Discipleship.
- For the working committee to actively participate in reaching these goals.

In short, help those that are doing it already to do it even better and motivate those that are doing nothing but can do something to get going!

Gap Ministries is actively involved in the Nehemiah Strategy in the Nelson Mandela Metropole. This strategy enhance the combined spiritual power and intellectual capacity of the leaders in the city, in order to motivate them to accept responsibility to bring about radical change in the NM Bay. And so far it is working. It is a strength based approach. You can read more about Transformatio Christian Network here.