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 Nelson Mandela Bay Christian Transformation Network (TCN)
Nelson Mandela Bay Transformation Christian network, TCN in short, is a network of church, ministry and marketplace leaders working towards the transformation of Nelson Mandela Bay. TCN invites leaders from all areas of Nelson Mandela Bay including Port Elizabeth, Despatch, and Uitenhage to join the network through their local fraternals and forums. Leaders are also welcome to contact the TCN office in Main Road Walmer, or to visit the office to find our what TCN is all about or how you can become part of the network.
The vision of TCN is to link leaders to work in unity for the Transformation of NM Bay. 
The mission of TCN is to: Reform the sectors of NM Bay of the church, business, education, government,  media & communication, family, sport, and arts & entertainment.
The Prayer Focus is to: Move in authority and establish God’s rule we need to understand the spiritual warfare involved in each sector in NM Bay. To move in obedience to God and in the power of God’s spirit, in the opposite spirit of the usurping spirit.
The Worklife Focus is to: Encourage church leaders to equip and care for those called to the workplace where they are to be salt and light.

* Background and Beliefs - Find it here

* The Nehemiah Vision - Find it here

* The Church of the City - Discussion Document September 2015 - Find it here

Abstract from the church of the City discussion document 2015: "We believe that as a church we need to have a clear view of what we believe the city should look like, namely: 1. Of our city: A prosperous people, a city, and future - Nelson Mandela Bay is a great city to live in; a city that works; a city that innovates; a city that builds; and a city that nurtures. 2. Of the church within the city: A visible, active and present Christian church that cooperatively engages in (and facilitates) an active and responsible citizenry, and aligns its social action."  

* The Church in the City - Discussion Document August 2016 - Find it here

Abstract from the church of the City discussion document 2016: Build prayer networks in each ward, church, school, business, police station, hospital, health clinic, the government department. Appoint church ward coordinators for each municipal Ward. Encourage churches to appoint people to promote participation in all domains i.e. education, health, prayer etc. Refer Nehemiah pamphlet. Establish a mission and evangelism liaison person in every Ward.

* Read the 2016 Annual Report here

* Read the 2017 Annual Report here

Abstract from the 2017 report: " WHO is TCN? It is an informal network of volunteers supporting and encouraging Church leaders in NM Bay. WHAT is its purpose? To link Christian Leaders in Business, Churches, Education, Government and Civil Society. WHY does it exist? We believe that the Church working together in terms of John 17: 21(as opposed to Mark 3: 25) will be more influential in NM Bay. What makes TCN “DIFFERENT” from the local Church? TCN focuses on initiatives affecting all communities and facilitates the Church speaking with a unified voice. "

* Visit the Transformation Christian Network website here

GAP Ministries actively supports Transformation Christian Network to bring about spiritual and community transformation to the Metropole.
* We believe that community transformation is achievable through the combined efforts of churches, ministries and community organizations, and we work towards this goal. We therefore actively strive to:
* Support prayer networks in three of the wards each in Uitenhage, KwaNobuhle and Rosedale. Initiate prayer and support networks in Health Care facilities and Higher Education Institutions.
* Identify church ward coordinators for the Municipal Wards in Uitenhage. Encourage churches to appoint people to promote participation in all domains i.e. education, health, prayer etc. See the role of the Uitenhage Ministers Fraternal Network here.
Identify mission and evangelism liaison persons in these wards. Use the City Movement Africa Conference as the deadline to motive us to have our networks functioning by 1 October 2018. 
* Host Bishop's Breakfasts two times a year in Uitenhage. (In order to have a visible presence and be able to influence the transformation of NM Bay, our Church Leadership need to meet other city leaders in other churches, government, business, education, NGO sector and other civil society leaders on a regular basis.)
* The Nehemiah Vision can be compared to a "management grid", placed over NM Bay. Church networks function like a "supply chain" to distribute the hope of the gospel to furthest parts of our Bay. Unity (John 17: 21) must be the electricity that keeps the grid alive. 

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