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Operation UP

Operation Up is an indigenous Mission Organization registered in Lesotho under Society’s act as a non-profit making organisation. This page has been created to help Operation Up get the word out about their work. GAP Ministries, the owner of this website, are not involved with the work of Operation Up but are supportive of it, and would like to see that others support it too.
Its main purpose is to mobilise both the church and individuals for missions. Its programs include, among others, organizing short-term Missions outreaches both in Lesotho and in other countries; annual missions conferences, missions training through its Missions Training School, Eugene Casalis Missions Training Centre, etc.. Since its inception in the early 90s many people have been introduced to Missions, some of whom have gone through its Missions training programs and into full-time Christian ministry in a number of churches. Churches have been planted among the least-reached people of the mountains of Lesotho.
Operation UP team 
The ministry of Operation UP is sustained and run on the daily basis by the following dedicated people who are constantly in need of our prayers for God’s protection and provision in their lives.

Lerato Ndaga: Our pre-school teacher in Semonkong and a single mum with two sons, is doing fine with both of her boys leaving in Semonkong. Operation UP will be handing over the pre-school to Salt and Light Christian community from 2017, so Ndaga will be moving over with it. The graduations at the pre-school will be on 26 Nov. 2016.

Marethabile  Makepe: Our outreaches Co-ordinator leaves here in Maseru with her two sons also. They are doing very well, and we thank God for her and her commitment to the work of Operation UP.

Ntai and Mabakoena: They too are doing just fine. Suping, their third and last of their three sons will be getting married on the 3rd December 2016. 
Latest News

Good Day our Friends,

Today is just over a week since we pitched a tent at Ha-Leronti, near Mantsonyane, we are running evangelistic meetings every evening where we are having an average attendance of about 80 adults every night, and during the day we go from house to house for personal witnessing and inviting people for the evening meetings. 

This village is one of the strongholds of Catholicism, I had anticipated great opposition both from the church and the community, yet the reception has been different, warm and inviting.  Many people have since given their lives to the Lord, but I would like to share with you these two testimonies. 

1) Friday the 28 Sept. our team was busy pitching the tent in preparation for the launch of the Outreach scheduled to start on the 1 Oct. While working, a young man, a high school teacher by profession, approached them, he was crying tears and was drunk, he told them that he is afraid to go home as he has disappeared from home for many days, all he wanted to do was to commit suicide, he asked them if they could give him Jesus/God. At first, our team thought he was too drunk to know or even understand what he was saying, however, they decided to speak to him and shared the gospel with him eventually leading him to Christ. After this, he abandoned the idea of committing suicide, one of our members accompanied him to his home where he handed him over to his grandmother. Since that day this young man has not missed a single evening meeting and daily discipleship classes, in all of them very sober. 

2) The team decided to have a church service on Sunday 30 Sept. a day before the official launch of the outreach. People were invited to accept Christ in their lives, among them was a middle-aged widow who was very excited to have been in this church meeting and that she has given her life to the Lord. Two weeks prior to this she had heard over the local national radio station as one of our pastors was preaching and concluding by advertising the outreach over the radio. This lady tells us that when she first heard about it over radio she made a decision that she is going to attend that meeting and she is going to give her life to the Lord; sure enough here it is, the tent has come and she has had an opportunity to accept Christ in her life. Since then, she too has not missed a single evening meeting and all but one discipleship classes. 

Having heard these testimonies and meeting these two people in person, I thought to myself even if all the effort and resources poured into this outreach were for these two precious souls only, I still maintain it is worth it all. Thank you for praying for this outreach and for contributing financially towards its realization. There are many more souls that have accepted Christ and we trust that there will be many more in the next three weeks we are going to be here for. Please continue to pray for us that the Lord will strengthen the teams, provide resources and personnel. 

I also wish to invite you well in advance to prayerfully consider being part of the long-term commitment to this village and its people. We intend to build a church in this area and a site has already been allocated for that purpose. Upon the close of this outreach, we shall be embarking on the building project. If you would be interested to be part please contact us for further information.

On behalf of myself and my Evangelism and Missions team, I wish to greatly thank you for your prayers and material and financial support for this work. May the Lord abundantly bless and prosper you and may He shine His face upon you always.

Yours sincerely in the vineyard of the Lord

Ntai Pheko
October 2018

Ha-Leronti, near Mantsonyane

(These are just a snapshot of some of the newsletters)

March 2018
That we have seen the start of 2018 and we have closed its first quarter is an unmerited blessing and honour bestowed upon us by our God and Lord Jesus Christ and for that, we want to thank Him. We sing: “Give thanks with a grateful heart, Give thanks. Give thanks to the holy one, give thanks”

December 2017
Our children’s Missions Outreach (Rutangoana tsela... Train up a child in the way he should go...) which started on the 7 Dec. 2017 came to an end on the 11 December 2017. Please read our feedback report for statistics of the outreach. 

September 2017
Our trip to Thailand is long over, and we are once again settling in the hustle and bustle of our routine work and responsibilities in Lesotho, part of which includes reporting to the church and individuals that contributed towards our going there. Please see our report on the feedback of the 3 objectives attached to our trip to Thailand.

June 2017
Today, Saturday the 24 June 2017 marks exactly 2 full weeks since we left our country to go to the nation we are “...to receive as our inheritance...”. We arrived in Thailand on the 11 June 2017 and were warmly met at airport by a group of young people and pastor’s wife as though we are some kind of heroes. This humbled us and made us feel indebted to this loving and caring people.

March 2017
On the 14 April 2017, we shall be officially Opening and dedicating our Salt and Light Christian Community church building in Maseru. This also marks the 10th Anniversary of the existence of SLCC as a registered denomination. The going has not been easy, 10 years ago, in 2007 the church started in our dining room with just a handful of people, the dedication and commitment of those few individuals.

September 2016
"Our promotion for a GAP year is still continuing, and while no applications have been received back we have given out a few forms to aspiring candidates. And we are hopeful that there will be good responses; However Whether we get candidates or not I have resolved that I will be going on my own, or maybe with ‘Mabakoena. This is a very difficult decision to make, yet I feel it is the way God is calling me for. Please do lift Mabakoena and me before the throne of God in prayer."

March 2016 
Lesotho is not spared the El Nino weather pattern which has ravaged many countries in the sub-Saharan region. It has caused a lot of problems for our country and individuals through drought and extreme temperatures in the early months of this year, which prompted the government to declare a state of emergency on food security. Worst affected are people living in the mountains who rely mainly on subsistence farming for their livelihood. It is estimated that one-third of the population faces severe starvation and needs assistance, and the majority of these are people in the rural areas.  

December 2015
2015 has been the year for preparations for our envisaged GAP Year program, hence my trip/training in Thailand in April-June 2015 and Marethabile’s in Sep. - Nov. It was during my stay in Thailand that I felt the Lord confirmed in many different ways our need to proceed with the GAP year program; what was unusual and unexpected though was when He challenged me about doing it in THAILAND. The Lord reminded me of one of our foundational scriptures as Operation UP, which is Ps. 2:8 

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Volunteers involved with Operation Up

Children's Ministry at Semonkong
Children’s ministry has formed an important part of Operation UP ministry, subsequent to a very successful children’s conference organised by Operation UP in December 2012. It was resolved to visit those children who have committed themselves to follow Christ on a monthly basis.
Collecting and Transporting Sand
Our project of building a shepherd boys school and Operation UP Centre in Semonkong is continuing. We are left with plastering the walls, painting, ceiling, water tank outside and solar lighting. Here sand is being collected in preparation for plastering.

Contact Details Operation UP
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