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GAP Ministries Links and Link Exchange
(As from 2017 we will phase out our Links Page and move the remaining resources listed here to a new resource page.)
Worthy Christian Links - Top Baptist Websites
A Prayer of Salvation for 2011-2025  At this moment you can pray the most important and life-changing prayer of your life – the Salvation Prayer. Renew your faith in Christ! Prayers to pray for healing, the Holy Spirit, Jesus. Read about Anointing with Oil.“ *
Anointed Christian Links The best Christian sites from A to Z – listing thousands of non-commercial Christian sites!
Christianity Oasis On-Line - Where Christianity is C-O-O-L! Christian community with programs and entertainment including ... Family Friendly Chat Rooms, Message Boards, Games, Blogs, Books, Music, News, Counseling, Contests, Prizes, Clothes, Gifts, Bible Studies and more 
Christian Products Directory - Christians Products Directory is a Christian business and resource directory for everything Christian. Find Christian owned and operated businesses, ministries, and various products and services including books, Bibles, jewelry, Bible study courses, Christian dating services, Christian psychologists and much more.
Upon This Rock - Cool Christian Graphics* Your Questions. Real Answers.
 While seeking to network with ministries that are doctrinally sound, GAP Ministries makes no claim to the total endorsement of these ministries.
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