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How to raise an altar of prayer in your community

  • Declare Psalm 24:1-2 – Confirm ownership of place to Jehovah.

  • Give thanks, praise, honor and glory to God – offer a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of lips that confess His name – Hebrews 13:15

  • Bring repentance before God for anything that could have grieved or offended Him on that land/place of altar by any people past or present – Leviticus 26:40

  • Renounce any agreements made with the kingdom of darkness known or unknown to you; break any negative covenants with evil spirits – Proverbs 28:13

  • Bring the atonement of the blood of Jesus and reconcile it and the people to the Lord – Colossians 1:20

  • Blot out all handwriting the enemy has in the heavens, water or on the earth against the place/people –Colossians 2:14

  • Bind every evil spirit previously invited and command them to leave – James 4:7-8, Philippians 2:10

  • Loose those who have been taken captive by it.

  • Proclaim Psalm 24:7-8 and invite the King of Glory to come and establish His throne in that place

  • Connect the altar to the altar of the Lamb of God in heaven – Revelation 5, 8

  • Declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ and submit everything to His rulership. Read Isaiah 9:6-7 and ask Him to increase daily His government over that place/people.

  • Blow the shofar.

  • Take communion and make a covenant with the Lord.

  • Use oil sanctified for the purpose to anoint the place.


Guidelines supplied by the SA Prayer Movement for Change and Intercessors for Africa-Eastern Cape

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