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At a "Concern Eastern Cape" consultation at the beginning of 2018 the following main factors were identified as hindrances or challenges to reaching all of our province for the Lord:
  • We are self-centered rather than God-centred;
  • We follow our own plans rather than seeking God`s plan;
  • We do not trust Him fully;
  • We don’t love people as the bridegroom loves them;
  • We focus on numbers rather than equipping the saints;
  • We do not pray as we ought to;
  • We do not worship him as he expects of us;
  • We fail to take the task of making disciples seriously and instead are satisfied with more short-term goals;
  • We tend to focus on visible things like buildings and equipment rather than on the invisible things of ministry;
  • We, the Church, have been shown to have a lack of integrity and is therefore not trusted by many people;
  • We have lost our intimacy with our Lord;
  • There is a lack of joy in serving the Lord;
  • Testimonies tend to focus on material things;
  • The rural areas of the province are very widely spread out causing logistical challenges;
  • Church members are not trained in reaching the lost, whether locally or across the borders of our country;
  • In farming areas the co-operation of farmers must be sought;
  • The church generally does not have a vision for the world;
  • The church is generally not equipped for missions;
  • There is a need to get resources to the rural areas – train them;
  • There is a lack of unity i.e. a lack of co-operation between churches and people working in different areas;
  • We need to work together with the local church as far as possible;
  • We need a renewal of the mind – ask God to show new ways to reach the lost;
  • Trust between churches should be built;
  • Occult/folk religion in the church and culture;
  • There is a lack of displaying the power of God in the churches;
  • We need to recognise that the Lord wants to and can send people from the rural areas to reach the lost;
  • We need to identify and focus on the real needs of the people;
  • We need to delegate step by step;
  • There is a consumer mentality in the church expecting to be served rather than to serve.
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