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Welcome to the Website of Gap Ministries

"...but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God." - Jesus (Luke 9:60)

GAP Ministries is a non-profit, transdenominational and parachurch ministry.
We are evangelical in heart and guided by God's Word. Our vision is to establish God's Kingdom through prayer, the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ, social action and community transformation. We believe that community transformation is achievable through the combined efforts of churches, ministries and community organizations, and we work towards this end.
What You Will Find On This Website
God loves you and He has given His son Jesus Christ to die for you so that
you can live eternally. Below is an opportunity for you to respond to the message of salvation, and to learn more about it.You are welcome to browse through our website to learn more about the work that we are doing. Our prayer is that God will bless you, and that you will find something here that will touch your life. 
   How To Find Assurance Of Salvation  - How To Have Peace In Your Heart

The Soccer World Cup is the biggest sporting spectacle on the planet that manage to grab the attention of soccer fans in the most remote places on earth. Amidst all the tension and excitement it also has a darker side that does not reach the headlines. It is well establish, but less known that human trafficking flourishes in the face of this kind of an event. It is an industry that involves almost every country on earth and is worth billions of dollars. With the World Cup and the mass influx of tourists it brings, traffickers are preparing for a year and month of the highest demand. You can make a difference by getting involved in the prayer strategy for the World Cup. Follow the link above for more information and guidelines or visit our own prayer resource page

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